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What is this? 🍃

1 small quiet somewhere is an address of sorts to a little place. It’s also a personal creative project with no particular objective or schedule. Things will move along at the pace that time and focus allows. Feel free to dip in and out wherever you like. All the pieces are intended to be related in some fashion, but there’s no specific chronology or sequence to follow.

Content categories

📖 Stories: Narrative things (e.g., comics, illustrated prose).

🖼️ Snippets: Not really-narrative things (e.g., art, poetry)

🌿 Background: Rough and explanatory materials (e.g., wips/sketches, bios).


🐎 Kanthaka: Seems to be a Buddhist monk centaur. His favourite treat is sugar-apples.

💭 Little Yì: A very small yì. Loves ear scratches and head rubs.

About the author

Maiji/Mary Huang is a happy little squirrel and also a Taiwanese-Canadian artist and writer based out of Toronto. Her work incorporates themes of Eastern philosophy and mythology and everyday human experiences. You can find more of her art at humangray.com.