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The retreat building

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Sketchy ink illustration with rough pencil crayon colours. It depicts a 3/4 view of an East Asian style building with a low wooden platform or porch on all sides and small ramps. It is surrounded by grasses and flowers and a tall yellow tree at one side. A cobbled stone path leads up to the main door. In the bottom left corner Kanthaka and a tiny blob that is supposed to be Little Yi are sweeping the path. On one side of the building, another Kanthaka and Little Yi are sitting in meditation on the porch. A small handwritten title reads '1 small quiet somewhere' and a note at the bottom right says 'scale is very rough'.

Ink-only line drawing version of the same illustration. A faint pencil underdrawing can be seen here and there.

Slowly building the retreat itself. I may tweak it over time as I flesh it out.

This is a blend of East Asian architectural inspirations from China, Japan, Taiwan and my fanciful adjustments (both intentional creative choices as well as accidents resulting from lack of skill in rendering accuracy). The roof is a "resting hill" or "hip-and-gable" style known in Chinese as xiēshān 歇山 and in Japanese as irimoya 入母屋, and often found on Buddhist temples.