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Retreat floor plan and sleeping area

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Ink and pencil crayon drawing of the retreat building's floor plan on a light dot grid. It shows the study/library at the top/north end of the building, a sleeping area at the west and an eating/kitchen area at the east facing each other, the main entrance located at the south, and the sliding doors connecting each space (six in total). A meditating Kanthaka and Little Yì are sitting on the porch just outside the kitchen. Below it is a drawing showing the structure of the roof overlaid on the floor plan.

Ink and pencil crayon drawing showing an isometric view of the floor plan, with the meditating Kanthaka and Little Yì again sitting by the kitchen. Below the isometric floor plan, the sleeping area is blown out in more detail to show the setting and furniture of the room. Another Kanthaka and Little Yì are walking towards the door of the sleeping area.

Transcript (floor plan)

Kanthaka & Little Yì scale very rough...

Each square on the grid is ~3-4 feet? so ~40x40 ' = ~1600 sq ft?

Transcript (sleeping area isometric view)

Room faces west. Clockwise starting from the top, the descriptions read:

  • Sliding doors [opening to the west side of the building]
  • [on the north wall of the room, one scroll flanked by a series of tiny scrolls hang on the wall] Painting/calligraphy by Kanthaka, painting/calligraphy by Little Yì
  • [low and long table/cabinet below the scrolls] More storage + mini display (leaves, flowers etc.)
  • Sliding doors [entrance to the room from the east side]
  • Table for tea, snacks, lounging, and a long cushion/mat for sitting/resting
  • Little Yì's bed stand (can store Little Yì's wheel and/or centaur pillow under it as needed)
  • Centaur pillow, mat + blanket can adjust as needed for guests (fold up, move around)
  • [large cabinet or dresser-like furniture in a nook along the south wall of the room] Storage for clothing, extra blankets, cushions, mats etc. for guests
  • [sitting on top of the large cabinet] Lantern flowers for night lights

Author's notes

I'm still refining a lot of the details in my head, and I suspect once I start to draw this room in the comic I'll continue to tweak the elements. For the most part, however, this is how the sleeping area will be laid out. A few things I didn't specifically write down in the notes on the drawings:

  • The room can probably host ~5-8 roughly human-shaped guests for sleeping without too much trouble, depending on how big these guests are, and assuming the bed stand and table are moved elsewhere.
  • The table is the same one depicted in the nom nom sketch.
  • Most of the furniture will have little notches or ladder-like steps built into the sides, so that Little Yì can easily climb them on its own.
  • Little Yì's actual bed is a nest in the centre of the bed stand. This nest can be moved to other parts of the room if desired.
  • The low and long cabinet below the scrolls holds other scrolls; Kanthaka and Little Yì (with Kanthaka's assistance) can change them depending on the season.